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  1. Sabayon 10 è prossima al rilascio!

    Manca oramai poco al rilascio stabile della nuova versione della distro rolling release italiana Sabayon, ora giunta alla sua 10 versione. Oramai anche chi, anche con i repository weekly abilitati avrà notato il cambio degli artwork, segno che a breve le iso stabili saranno rese disponibili a breve. Qui di seguito l'articolo originale: So it’s time for the world of Sabayon to focus on a new release. Fabio has started a bug tracker for Sabayon 10. So if you run across something, append to that bug report so it can get fixed before Sabayon 10 is released. It’s always exciting to see a release come together and we do depend on our user base to grab a daily ISO and test and report back issues during this time. The more people we have testing the better the release will be for everyone. Just make sure you provide as much information as possible on any issue found while testing. The isos that should be tested are the Gnome, KDE, XFCE and Core editions as they are our main releases. So try and focus on those isos for testing, but feel free to test as many of the editions as you want. Report bugs to our bugzilla- and be sure to append to bug Please don’t post bugs to bug 3598, simply make a new bug report and append bug 3598 to your new bug report and than it can be tracked to see what bugs were fixed and which ones need to be fixed yet. When you fill out the new bug report, simple find theDepends on text box and enter in 3598. You can see there is already 3 bug reports attached to 3598. Pretty neat huh? So grab a daily ISO from your favorite mirror and throw everything ya got at it and report. For the love of humanity tho, please do not submit a bug that simply says, don’t work. We need to know everything to get it fixed. So please give complete reports and save a dev from jumping off a bridge. fonte [] Questo messaggio è stato promosso ad articolo
  2. Rilasciati nuovi driver nVidia

    Ecco qui il link: Io li sto installando adesso, spero il multimonitor sia gestito meno da schifo